The Story OF ENNO

What’s ENNO? ENNO is is the spelling in Chinese for Service promise, Quality promise. And ENNO’s hearing aids around the world such as Walmart, Carrefour, and many of hearing health center like United states of America, Canada, Australia, Europe and United Kingdom. ENNO also is OEM supplier for Japanese marketing for the larger agent in Tokyo Japan.

Guangdong ENNO Medical Technology Co.,LTD

Why the LOGO of ENNO is a symbol and two leaves to around it?

The two leaves, meaning that there are no two identical leaves in the world

The company to each team and employees of the individual differences of respect and cherish, there is tolerance is big, the inclusiveness of ENNO to ensure that the staff in ENNO people to do their best .

Central kangaroo pattern:kangaroo has exuberant vitality, is a always running forward, never backward animals. Meaning that enterprises and employees to continue to move forward, jump growth.

The integration of kangaroo and leaves is the integration between animals and plants, which means that our company and employees, the company and and society, and the company with all things symbiosis and common prosperity, Harmony.

Family portrait

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