2020 International CES

CES returned ‘home’ to Las Vegas welcoming well over 40,000,attendees in person, including 1800 global media, across 11 indoor and outdoor venues. The show was truly a global event, with 30% of attendees traveling from outside the US – representing 119 countries.

And Over 2300 companies from across the globe showcased the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home and more.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids|ennohearingaid

Guangdong ENNO Technology Co.,ltd is a professional R&D manufacturer. Specialized in manufacturing ITE, BTE hearing aids with high quality & good service.

Summary of 2020 International CES

1 Number and amount of orders from intended customers at CES 2020

EN-T100 Rechargeable hearing aid 1000pcs for a United States hearing aids whole seller for Walmart hearing aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids|ennohearingaid

EN-IA102A 4000pcs with stylish power bank hearing aid to United States market.

2. Customer classification

High quality customers very interested for the following ENNO hearing aids:

EN-T100 BTE Hearing Aid

EN-T201A BTE Hearing Aid

EN-IA102 ITE Hearing Aid 

EN-I200pro ITE Hearing Aid

First: Understand what customer value, and here is the 5 types of customer Value?

Customer value can be seen as the difference between a customer's perceived benefits and the perceived costs. Perceived benefits can be derived from five value sources: functional, social, emotional, epistemic and conditional.

ENNO have more than 10 years industry manufacturing and rich of export experience,  we high qualification of sales team to provide you professional & good service for all of your hearing aid requirements.

ENNO hearing aid applying CFDA, CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 of Certifications for international marketing.

3. Future hearing aids direction:

1. The American market prefers small hearing aids

2. The American market prefers hearing aids with exquisite appearance

3. The US market prefers RIC

4. Trend of self matching (high-end)

5. ENNO rechargeable hearing aids will be advantage hearing aid for United States hearing aids wholesale with competitive price around $30 - $50

6. Distinctive functions

7. Independent IC will have great competitiveness

8. American market segmentation:

1) High end markets need programmable multichannel

(up to 64, can promote Turkish machines)

2) Digital machines must be used in the middle and low-end market 

3) E-commerce retail customers (MOQ 2pcs hearing aids, logistics in air or sea shipment or ENNO hearing aids)




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