New model visible TWS ITE hearing aid comming soon

New model visible EN-IA006  ITE TWS fingerprint touch  mode adjustment, LED display screen for charging. clear sound with Bluetooth headphone design which elderly people mind to wear as hearing aid. it mostly look like Bluetooth headphone.

Hearing aid China manufacture|ennohearingaid

We have always been positioned to enable middle-aged and elderly people in the world  to hear the wonderful sounds , and to be able to use appropriate hearing aids to improve their quality of life.

Guangdong ENNO Technology Co.,ltd is a professional R&D manufacturer. Specialized in manufacturing ITE, BTE hearing aids with high quality & good service.

ENNO provide as high quality and competitive price of hearing aids for middle-aged and elderly people to wear hearing aids, and a hearing aid usually the best option to help correct hearing loss and a high quality of life. ENNO have a high qualification of R&D team, as the R&D Director is Japanese who was working in Sony Group’s Electronics.  the technicians with more than 30 years of experience for Sony R&D products, and the quality inspection to ensures ENNO hearing aids quality;

ENNO have more than 10 years industry manufacturing and rich of export experience,  with high qualification of sales   and R&D team to provide you professional & good service.

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