What type of hearing aid is suitable for elderly loss people?

What type of hearing aid is suitable for elderly loss people?

First of all, the main characteristics of loss in the elderly are: some people have poor coordination of the movement of the fingers. Their requirements for hearing aid are: high clarity, less distortion, anti-noise ability, easy to operate. ENNO’s costal hearing apparatus is suitable for use by deaf people with moderate and mild hearing loss. Easy to adjust, some of in the ear rechargeable hearing aids work (ON/OFF) automatically when take out and put back to the charging base. Looks like a bluetooth headset, good for the elderly people who is  mind to wear as traditional hearing aid , to wear ENNO's ITE hearing as fashionable  as bluetooth headset. 
The EN-IA model of in the ear hearing aid with charging base easy movement. However the use of inadequately coordinated presbcusis is also one of the advantages of the ENNO hearing aid. The disavantage of enno hearing aids i that they are easy to wear, also make as their OEM brand  for as local hearing aid device wholesalers and exclusive agents.




ENNO BET hearing aid has the advantages of convenient wering, large power design, complete function setting and low price. The BET hearing aid is obviously simple. Because it is placed behind the ear when wearing, it is easy to operate. The BET hearing aid is adjusted with a knob, which is very simple and suitable for the elderly.


There are three kinds of customized hearing aids placed in the ear, i.e. in ear (ITE), ear canal (ITC) and deep ear canal (CIC). The deep ear canal type has the smallest volume, the lightest weight (can be less than 1G), and is the most hidden when wearing (hidden deep in the ear canal). But the most used by the elderly is the ear canal type. When the hearing loss is serious, intra ear type is also popular. The common features of customized hearing aids are: ① because they are customized, they are very suitable for the actual situation of users; ② Because it is placed in the ear, it gives full play to the original acoustic characteristics of the auricle and ear canal, with low noise, less distortion and high clarity; ③ Due to its small size, it is stable and comfortable to wear; ④ Its concealment is the most satisfactory advantage of many users who do not want others to know their deafness defects; ⑤ More importantly, it is easy for the elderly to adjust.


Small customized hearing aids also have disadvantages. If they are not stored properly, they are easy to be lost, which is a problem that the elderly should pay attention to. As for the price, generally speaking, customized hearing aids are the most expensive of the three categories.

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