EN-I001A Digital ITE Rechargeable Hearing aid

Product Features

1. Applicable to mild, moderate hearing loss

2. Noise reduction modes (normal, moderate, conference, outdoor)

3. Procedure signal sound

4. Volume memory

5. Mode memory

6. Quick charge: 2-3 hours

7. Working time:10-12 Hours

8. Color: black, white

High  Frequency Range: 300Hz~7000Hz

Noise reduction rechargeabel digital hearing aids|ennohearingaid

The highest peak value of the frequency response curve of the in ear hearing aid is about 2500 ~ 2700Hz, which is close to the resonance peak value of the external auditory canal of normal people. 

The wider the frequency response of hearing aids, the less likely it is to feel the horn sound, and the more natural and realistic the sound is. The output frequency response curve of some high-end hearing aids can reach 7000Hz, and our ENN- 001 rechargeable hearing  hearing aids in realy test in 7580Hz


1. Max Sound Output: ≤115dB + 3dB
2. Max Sound Gain: 30dB ± 5dB
3. Average Sound Gain: 28dB ± 5dB
4. Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
5. Frequency Range: 300Hz~7500Hz
6. Input Noise: ≤ 26dB
7. Battery: Rechargeable polymer lithium ion
8. Rated Current: ≤ 5mA
9. Working Voltage: DC 3.7V
rechargeable hearing aids|ennohearingaid

High resolution sound quality, exclusive 60Ωmoving iron nuit sorks with the chip tacitly, the frequency range is up to 7kHz, let the com-pact design of hearing aids also have excellent sound quality, no longer miss the melody of the sound

digital rechargeable hearing aid|ennohearingaid

Accessories & Packing

1. Hearing aid 1pcs 1. Product size: 2.5x1.46x1.85cm
2. USB 1pc 2. Product N.W.: 3g/PC
3. Brush 1pc 3. Charging base size: 4.2*2.9*2cm
4. Ear domes 6pcs 4. Charging box N.W.: 9.58g
5. Manual 1pc 5. Product G.W.: 12.56g
6. Color box size: 9x9x3.24cm
7. Carton size: 48x38x21cm
8. Quantity per carton: 100 boxes/CTN
9. G.W.: 8kg/CTN
rechargeable hearing aids standard packing|ennohearingaid

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