EN-I200Pro Mini amplifier hearing aid

Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplification Products

as small as one yuan coin 16mm 2g wight, 
to reduces ear drooping, without any pressure wear for a hearing aid whole day long. 

amplifier hearing aid|ennohearingaid


Model Number  En-I200Pro
Maximum Sound Output  ≤112dB+dB
Average Sound Output 108dB±4dB
Maximum Sound Gain 35dB±5dB
Average Sound Gain 30dB±5dB
Equivalent Input Noise ≤29dB+3dB
Total Hamonic Wave Distortion 400Hz ~ 4600Hz
Net Weight 2g/0.004lb
Battery A10 zinc air battery
Working Current ≤2.5mA
Certificate ISO13485, ISO9001, CE and FDA
Color Red, Blue
Size 16*16*10mm/ 0.6*0.6*0.4inch
mini amplifier hearing aid|ennohearingaid

Compact appearance and light weight

Through they study of a large number of human ear contour data, the searing form of hearing aid is redesigned to make the hearing aid fit the auricle and make it more stable, comfortable and lighter to wear.

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