4 Channels 4 models RIC digital BTE hearing aid

Product Features

1. Full digital processing with imported chip, four channels, clear sound, less noise

2. Adaptive acoustic feedback cancellation

3. Listening modes (noraml, noise reduction, TV and outdoor modes)

4. Procedure signal sound

5. Volume memory

6. Mode memory

7. Color: silver and black, black

Digital BTE hearing aids|ennohearingaid


1. Max Sound Output: ≤125dB+3dB
2. Max Sound Gain: 45dB±5dB
3. Average Sound Gain: 35dB±5dB
4. Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
5. Frequency Range: 400Hz~5500Hz
6. Input Noise: ≤24dB
7. Battery: A13 zinc air battery
8. Rated Current: ≤3mA
9. Working Voltage: DC 1.45V
Digital BTE hearing aids|ennohearingaid

【Comfortable】Small and invisiable, wearing no pressure.Low dissipation and distortion, External RIC trumpet is added to solve occlusion effects, Audio can not only be received but recived clearly.

China Mini hearing aids|ennohearingaid

Accessories & Packing

1. Hearing aid 1pc 1. Product size: 3.3x1.3x0.94cm
2. A13 zinc air battery 2pc 2. Product N.W.: 3g
3. Protecting case 1pc 3. Product G.W.: 165g
4. Brush 1pc 4. Color box size: 13.7x9.8x4.5cm
5. Ear domes 3pcs 5. Carton size: 36x36x36cm
6. Manual 1pc 6. Quantity per carton: 56 boxes/CTN
7. G.W.: 10kg/CTN
EN-T622 digital hearing aid packing

color of EN-T622 digital hearing aid|ennohearingaid

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