EN-IA013A ITE portable rechargeable hearing aid (fashionable design without ear dome)

1. Without ear dome, especially simple and convenient.

2. Not only is there no ear dome,still no howling (it is the  common problem so far but, ENNO solve it out by Japan technology)

3. The gain is more than 32db.

ENNO hearing aid EN-IA013A ITE portable rechargeable hearing aid (fashionable design without ear dome)

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1. Microphone input/indicator 

2. Multi-function finger touch switch ( user control)

  Mode adjustments

  Press and hold for 2 seconds

  Volume adjustments 

3.Two ways ON/OFF

  3.1 Automatically ON/OFF

  3.2 Power ON: after take out from the charge case, the devices will be auto ON until the green light flashes 3 times. 

  3.3 Power OFF: power off directly after put back into t he charger case and the green light of charger case also on. Means they already power off and charging started.

 4.Manual ON/OFF

   4.1 press and hold for more than 7 seconds, the green light flashes 3 times -opened/closed. 

Charging time: 1-2 hrs
Plug in the wall charging unit/power bank/computer, insert the included Type-C cords, and plug them into your charger case to charge them
1. About indicator lights
When charging beginning, the blue indicator light of charging case flash for 90 seconds, then turn to stable blue light.

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Product details
Model Number:
Max Sound Output:
Harmonic Wave Distortion:
Average Sound Output:
Net Weight:
Max Sound Gain:
Lithium battery capacity
Average Sound Gain:
Frequency Range:
Equivalent Input Noise:


Certifications: ISO13485,ISO9001,CE,FDA

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The even best New Type ENNO hearing aid wonderful sounds without ear dome, no howing

High -resolution audio:  transparent high pitch, precise to ears. A wide range of vocal units, sound frequency range reaches up to 4.5KHz, every sound is precise to ears.

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Adjusting the volume:

Press the multi-function finger touch switch to increase/decrease the volume. you should hear beep(s) after each press of the switch.
When you hear three (3) beeps, it means you have reached the loudest. and the long beep for sound reset form lowest. 

Switching to different hearing programs:

Press and hold the multi-function finger touch switch on t he device for 2 seconds to switch between modes. 

P 1 normal mode

P 2 noise reduction mode 

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