Hearing Aid Digital CIC KITS intricon audion6

• software programmable
• Intricon WDRC 6 channels Hybrid
• Excellent noise & feedback cancellation
• Low battery warning indicator
• push button for volumes

Hearing aid Programmble Digital CIC KITS intricon audion6

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Specification Descrip

Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 112dB
HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 110dB
Peak Gain(dB) : 30dB
HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : 27dB
Frequency range(Hz) : 300-8000Hz
Distortion :
500Hz : 0.5%
800Hz : 0.5%
1600Hz: 0.3%
Equivalent Input Noise (dB): 30dB
Battery current(mA): 0.9mA
                                                                                 CIC kit

•software programmable
•Intricon WDRC 6 channels Hybrid
•Excellentnoise&feedback cancellation

 Audion 6 Features

Six-channel Wide-Dynamic-Range Compression with Dynamic Contrast Detection™
• Three-mode adaptive time constants to optimize Wide Dynamic-Range Compression performance in critical environments Patented Adaptive Feedback Cancelling
• Adaptive Feedback Cancelling offers high added stable gain and effective anti-entrainment performance Layered Noise Reduction™
• A state-of-the-art solution to reduction of environmental noise
• Ten noise reduction bands
• Three levels of noise reduction aggressiveness, plus an off setting
• Soft-squelch reduces low-level noise, including microphone noise Two compression adjustment paradigms
• Standard adjustments of low-level gain and compression ratio
• Direct adjustment of low level gain and high level gain
• Simplifies the integration into fitting systems using either adjustment paradigm Adaptive Directional Microphone Processing
• Automatically switches from Omni to Directional when environment changes
• Eliminates extra ‘directional’ user program and need for user activation Low-Level Expansion
• Gain reduction for low-level sounds Output Limiting
• Six-channel output limiting with adjustable thresholds in each channel and adjustable time constants Digital Volume Control Compatible
• Two-pin Digital Volume Control port
• Start-up volume control position is programmable
• Use a single push button switch, up/down push button switches or rocker, or a digital rotary control
• Multi-function Rocker Switch support allows volume control and program change with one user control
• Analog Volume Control Mode also available Audiometric Tone Generator
• For In-situ fitting validation

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In-situ Tone Generator
The Audion 6 amplifier comes with a programmable tone generator
that can be used for in-situ validation of the hearing instrument fitting.
The programmable parameters are frequency, level and duration of
the generated tone signal. The eight frequencies options available are:
250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 1.5 kHz, 2 kHz, 3 kHz, 4 kHz, 6 kHz. The input
referred level of the generated tone can be adjusted between 20 dB SPL
and 90 dB SPL in 5 dB increments. The duration of the tone being
generated is set by providing a count which sets the signal duration as
follows: duration (sec) = .5 ms x count. Count is an integer between 1
and 32767.

Example: Count needed to get 500 ms beep is 500 ms / .5 ms = 1000

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Input Modes
There are four single input modes: MIC1, MIC2, TC+, and DAI. When
one of these modes is activated, the input pad by that name is active,
and all other inputs are turned off. Inputs MIC1 and MIC2 have internal
AC coupling capacitors. Inputs DAI and TC+ are DC coupled and usually
requires an external AC coupling capacitor. There are two summing
modes available: ‘MIC1 + DAI’ and ‘MIC2 + TC+’. There are three fixed
directional pattern modes that use the signals from microphones
connected to inputs MIC1 and MIC2: Fixed Directional - Cardioid, Fixed
Directional - Supercardioid, Fixed Directional - Hypercardioid. There
are 3 adaptive directional pattern modes that use the signals from
microphones connected to inputs MIC1 and MIC2: Adaptive Directional
- Cardioid, Adaptive Directional - Supercardioid, Adaptive Directional -


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Technical Specifications
NOTE 1: AFC turned on. 2kHz pure tone input at 200 uVrms amplitude. No connections to OA and OB pads.
heaing aid CIC kit | ennohearingaid

Programmble Digita lCICKITS | ennohearingaid

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