To hear for life, listen with care|ennohearing

To hear for life, listen with care|ennohearing

World Hearing Day 2022 (3 March)

According World Health Organization Report

Global hearing loss status

older have hearing loss|ennohearingaid

1、About 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss with disabilities of which 34 million are children.

2、It is estimated that more than 900 million people will have disabled hearing loss by 2050.

3、Hearing loss can be caused by heredity, childbirth syndrome, certain infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, taking certain drugs, exposure to excessive noise and aging.

4、60% of children's hearing loss comes from preventable causes.

5、1.1 billion young people (aged between 12 and 35) are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in the entertainment environment.

6、If hearing loss is not treated, the additional cost to the world is $750 billion a year. Interventions aimed at preventing, identifying and dealing with hearing loss are cost-effective and can bring great benefits to individuals and countries.

7、The use of hearing aids, cochlear implants or assistive devices can help people with hearing loss. They can also benefit from subtitles and sign language and other forms of educational and social support.

 older have hearing loss|ennohearingaid

More than 5% of the world's population, or 466 million people, suffer from disabled hearing loss (432 million adults and 34 million children). It is estimated that by 2050, more than 900 million people (or one in ten people) will have disabled hearing loss.

(as defined by the World Health Organization) disabled hearing loss refers to the hearing loss of more than 40 decibels in the better ear of adults and more than 30 decibels in the better ear of children. The majority of people with disabled hearing loss live in low - and middle-income countries.

About one third of people over 65 years old have disabled hearing loss. The prevalence of disability hearing loss in this age group is the highest in South Asia, Asia Pacific and sub Saharan Africa.

What to do for if you have hearing loss?

A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. Hearing aids are classified as medical devices 

How to choose a hearing aid for a hearing loss personal?

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