EN-T100 Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual

EN-T100 Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual 

Intended Use

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Application: Hearing compensation for patients with air conduction hearing loss.

Contraindication: Patients with AOE, the eardrum inflammation, chronic suppurative otitis media (in the stage of septic infection), acute suppurative otitis media or allergic to this material is not suggested to use.

Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual

Technical Parameters Working Conditions

a) Environment temperature: -20℃~55℃:

b) Relative humidity: ≤93%; c)Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa;

d) Working voltage range: 1.05V-1.5V.


Max OSPL90: ≤115dB+3dB

Average OSPL90: 110dB±4dB Full on Gain: 35dB±5dB

Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10% Frequency Range: 300Hz-3200Hz Equivalent Input Noise Level: ≤29dB+3dB Rechargeable Battery: Ni-MH Battery Working Current: ≤3mA

Working Voltage: D.C. 1.2V

Battery Capacity: 28mAh

Installation Instructions

1. Choose the right size of earplugs (there are small, medium and big sizes of earplugs in the box, so you should choose the most suitable one to make your ears more comfortable and reduce noise).

2. Connect the earplugs to the horn cavity


(1) Before using the hearing aid, turn the volume knob to the minimum volume and make sure the power switch of the hearing aid is in the “off” position.

(2) Hang the hearing aid behind your ear, and then put the earplug tightly into your ear.

(3) Turn the power switch to “ON”

(4) Slowly adjust the volume knob until you hear the clearest sound (If there is a squeal, please adjust the position of the earplug in the ear canal or replace it with a more suitable earplug to eliminate the squeal).

 Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual


(1) Turn the power switch to “OFF” before charging.

(2) Insert the hearing aid into the charging case as shown in figure 2 (note: insert vertically).

(3) Plug the charging socket into a USB electrical outlet for charging (you can plug it into a 5V USB socket of your computer or mobile charger). When the power is started, the blue and green lights flicker alternately for 2 times. When there is no load (no battery), the blue and green lights go out. When charging, the blue light is always on, and the green light goes out; When full, the green light is always on, and the blue light is off.

Charging time: Fully charged for about 8 hours. Be sure to charge it for 12 hours on the first time, and make sure it is fully charged and fully released for three times. (it is normal for products not be used to the state of power off to be fully charged for less than 8 hours).

 Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual

(5) Working hours: When fully charged, it lasts for 20 hours and up to 32 hours.


1. Before fitting the hearing aid, it should pass the professional examination and hearing test, and use it under the guidance of a qualified professional doctor or a professional hearing aid fitting engineer.

2. Against moisture, shock and high temperature.

3. Do not immerse the hearing aid in any liquid.Remove the hearing aid before swimming, shampoo and bathing. Until the ear canal is totally dry, you can  wear it again.

4. After taking off the hearing aid, it should be stored in dry and indoor environment (avoid high temperature and humidity ), to avoid falling, hitting and high pressure

5. The outer surface of the hearing aid should be kept clean and the earwax in the earplug hole should be cleaned frequently.

6. Open and close gently to avoid excessive force

7. Send to the testing center for maintenance and inspection reqularly to ensure the hearing aid is in good condition.

8. This product should not be used at excessive volume  for a long time in order to prevent damage to hearing. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using  it  and consult the after-sales service staff to deal with it.

9. If you don't use it for a long time, turn the power switch to “off”.

10. If you do not use the hearing aid for a long time, the battery power may be discharged by the battery resistance below 1.05 V, or as low as 0 V, at this time the hearing aid will not work, please charge for 12 hours before use.

11. If you hear squeal, please check whether the size of the earplug (silicone case) is suitable for your ear canal and plug it tightly. Do not let air in.

12. Avoid dropping or hitting, otherwise the sound pipe will break and the internal device may damage.

13. Do not disassemble arbitrarily.

14. Hearing aids should avoid electromagnetic radiation, do not use in high frequency heat therapy, radiation therapy or in high magnetic field.

15. Do not use it in an environment with potential explosion hazard or in a condition where danger may occur.

16. It can not be treated as ordinary municipal waste.Since there are built-in batteries in the hearing aid, please use the battery handling facility to protect the environment

17. Keep the hearing aid away from children to avoid damage.

18. Use of other components or materials will reduce the minimum safety, use the approved accessories, replace able parts and materials in the instruction manual.



a) According to the type of shock protection: internal power supply;

b) According to the degree of shock protection: type В application;

c) Shock proof degree symbol:



1. Please turn the power switch to OFF when not use.

2. Charging in time for enough power when use next time.

3. Clean the hearing aid case with a clean soft cloth.

4. Cleaning and disinfection of earplugs: please clean them with pure warm water.

 Rechargeable amplifier hearing aid use manual

After-sale Service

If the product failure, please deliver it back to the company for repair or to the local distributor.


Transportation And Storage

Transport conditions: anti-drop, handle with care;against sun, rain or mechanical impact, keep dry.

Storage condition: Well packed hearing aid should be stored in the room with temperature between 0℃C and 38℃, relative humidity ≤80%, no corrosive gas and good dry ventilation.


When there is no sound in the hearing aid after operating according to the instructions, please confirm and exclude. According to the following steps:

1. To make sure that the power switch has been switched to ON.

2. Repeatedly adjust the volume knob to confirm whether the hearing aid has sound

3. If the above two steps are not work, please charge for 12 hours before use, repeat 1, 2 steps.

4. If the above steps not work, the hearing aid may work abnormally, please contact with the loca dealer or send back to the company for repair.

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