What are the benefits of hearing aids?

With the growth of age, the elderly will gradually decline in hearing, and even deafness. It is important to wear hearing aids. What are the benefits of hearing aids?

To use of hearing aids can improve the  social, psychological and physical  problems of elderly. The study of hearing aids among the elderly shows that wearing hearing aids can improve the quality life of the elderly and give them a lot of help.

1. Increase communication with family, family harmony

2. Enhance self-confidence, so that the elderly fell relaxed

3. Improve psychological problems, so that mental health

4. Willing to participate in outdoor activities, improve physical fitness

5. Improve social skills, and actively participate in collective activities

6. Good hearing, that the elderly energetic.

What range of hearing aid types ENNO hearing have:

BTE hearing aid

ITE hearing aid

Rechargeable hearing aid

Digital hearing aid

RIC hearing aid

The BTE hearing aid

Most elderly people do not want to use hearing aids because of hand -eye inconvenience, the prefer simple, easy to operate hearing aids. For example the ENNO BTE hearing aids, which is generally accepted by the elderly, has the characteristics of perfect function and simple operation. And ENNO BTE hearing aids Reference adaptation range in ≤70dB to ≤80dB, it suitable for mild, moderate, mto severe, and ENNO BTE hearing are clear sound, noise reduction, especially EN-T622 Full digital hearing aid.

The Features
1. Full digital processing with imported chip, four channels, clear sound, less noise
2. Adaptive acoustic feedback cancellation
3. Listening modes (noraml, noise reduction, TV and outdoor modes)
4. Procedure signal sound
5. Volume memory
6. Mode memory
7. Color: silver and black, black

it is small and dainty hidden behind, thickness 1.32cm , height 3.3cm, and 3g weight. easy operation, short press the mode button, each press switches and mode which can be cycled.

Mode 1: short press mode key once and your hear one beep, it means you are in mormal mode

Mode 2: shor press mode key once and you hear 2 beeps, it means you are in noise reduction mode

Mode 3 : short press once and you hear 3 beeps, it means you are in watching TV mode

Mode 4 short press once and you hear 4 beeps, it means you are in outdoor mode

The EN-T622 RIC digital BTE comment from Amazon said which is the high end range of haring aid but the loss is enough that the misses out on things being said right in the room.

instead of spending a ton of money, typically the cost can range from $1000-$4000, but for as a R&D manufacturer here for all of  hearing aids whole seller and Distributor .

ENNO provide as high quality and competitive price , ENNO have a high qualification of R&D team, as the R&D Director is Japanese who was working in SONY Group’s Electronics. 

As the technicians with more than 30 years of experience for SONY R&D products, and the quality inspection to ensures ENNO hearing aids quality;

ENNO have more than 10 years industry manufacturing and rich of export experience, with high qualification of sales and R&D team to provide you professional & good service.

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